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Nerdteck serves the IT needs of South Florida, including the greater Miami-Dade area. We provide original, robust and flexible IT solutions that enable businesses, homes and restaurants to benefit from information technology and the Internet.

Many technology companies have a packaged “solutions” to sell, and think they can fix problems without listening to the client. Solutions offered are based on alliances with hardware and software vendors, rather than what is best for your company. Most of our clients are small to mid-sized businesses that need an objective voice to interpret technology – an advocate.

Our work is client-centered, not product centered. Each client has distinct needs, which arise from your particular business operations, residential needs or restaurant customer base. There is no single product or product line that is suited to all situations. We work with our client in whatever way is determined to be most effective in supporting the client’s plans, across the spectrum of their IT needs, including home automation, business IT, and restaurant IT solutions.

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